Chicken Shawarma Plate

Stove top double cooked boneless chicken breast and thighs, marinated overnight with grandma’s secret home style shawarma spices, onions, fresh garlic and house vinegar. 

A generous lunch or dinner for one adult.

Comes with a side of fries, chopped lettuce, wild cucumber pickles, creamy garlic paste and Pita bread.

Made with Halal meat.


About Shawarmation

Having a Shawarma treat is one of the greatest mouthwatering delights that were gifted to the world from the Middle East cuisines! Yet there is a gem that hasn't been spread or made available outside the warm households of middle eastern families, THE HOMESTYLE RECIPE!

The Kitchen Labs brings to Orange County the finest of the lebanese recipes of Homestyle shawarma and makes this great taste-buds magnet available for you by ordering it from Shawarmation! Enjoy!

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