We Support Small and Local Shops

Maintain Your Privacy & Save Time

By having us focus on the logistics and delivery, it allows for you to focus on food creation and preparation.

We will pick up your orders from you and deliver it to your customers. We will also communicate with the customers the day before the hub to confirm the hub location and pick up.

The day of the hub, we will text the customers 15-20 minutes prior to pick up time as a reminder to let them know that they're order is on the way.

You create and package your shop goods, we’ll deliver thereby saving you time!

Expand Your Reach

Our hub locations are based on chef and customer demands.
You will be working along side other home chefs and small shops from the local OC/LA area, increasing your exposure and customer base. Expanding your reach will lead to growth and more sales.

Ms. Hungry Community

We will promote you and your menu to our food loving community to help generate new customers. For this, we do add ~20% markup to each menu item.

frequently asked questions

Why don't we offer door-to-door delivery?
Door-to-door delivery is not a cost effective solution for Home Chefs and it does not allow delivery drivers to earn a fair wage. That is why we opted for pop hub delivery.

What is a pop-up hub delivery and how does it work?

A pop-up hub delivery is a pre-determined location where we deliver your food to your customer. Depending on the customer, this location can be much closer to them than where your kitchen is located, allowing for much shorter travel to pick up and enjoy your home goods! 

We pickup orders from Home Chefs throughout the area and deliver them to one of our convenient pop-up hubs. We communicate with the customers the day before and day of the hub date to confirm and remind them of their order pick up.

Our hub locations are determined based on feedback from Home Chefs plus new and existing customers.

What does it cost?
We charge a flat fee of $5 per order paid by the customer. For each hub delivery, we do have a 10 Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for every time we pick up food from you to help pay for our travel and setup expenses.

Who generates the orders?
You can choose to direct all your customers to order through us via our website, saving you time and the hassle in processing orders or continue to process orders yourself.

For all orders that you process, you will charge and collect the $5 hub delivery fee directly from the customers when they place an order.

When will the Home Chef get paid by Ms. Hungry for orders placed on the website?
The Home Chef will be paid after a successful completion of a hub event for all orders placed on our website and delivered that day.

How can I help to increase my orders?
Home Chefs are encouraged to promote and advertise the hub event to help expand the community. We will provide you with the hub delivery flyer to share on your social media. Ms. Hungry will handle the logistics and delivery once an order has been placed by your customer.

For example, if your kitchen is based in Torrance, you can advertise that you food(s) will be available for pick up in Irvine or Anaheim via Ms. Hungry on such date. We will then pick up your orders (MOQ of 10 per hub) from you in Torrance that day and deliver it to the respective hub.

Ms. Hungry will also promote you and your shop to our food loving community, helping to get the word out. These customers will order on mshungry.com directly. To help offset Ms. Hungry’s advertising and transaction-related fees, all goods sold on mshungry.com will be marked up approximately 20%. This mark-up fee will be kept by Ms. Hungry.

For example, if your food item costs $20, we will sell it on our website for $24 plus collect $5 for the hub delivery fee. In total, Ms. Hungry will collect $29 for this order. The Home Chef will be paid $20 for the order.